Having had consulted a number of spiritual healing methods in my own exploration of healing & recovery, my Akashic Records reading with Meghan was by far the most comfortable and rewarding. I felt absolutely safe and understood. Meghan truly has a gift for providing such a powerful and insightful experience, and I would recommend it to any who are willing to receive it.
— Christopher, Los Angeles, CA
“My session with Meghan was more than I could have hoped for. She put me at ease instantly with her calm demeanor. She took the time to connect with my Records and guides and always listened with the utmost attention. The messages she delivered were spot on, even though it might not have been the information that I was expecting. It was a great session and I gained clarity about how to proceed with my next steps in life. I will definitely go to Meghan in the future. What a great resource, I highly recommend it.”
— Amanda, Cambridge, MA
“You have a powerful gift to give others. Thank you, again, for such a beautiful session.”
— Ashley, Boston, MA

“My expectations were pleasantly blown away when Meghan began reciting the information coming to her. Not only was it relevant, it was also just what I needed at that time. The guidance is still with me. I am so grateful for the help and the gift that you share. Thank you.”
— Sherrie, Chicago, IL

“Thank you so much for the lovely session, it was so sweet. You are such a great channel. I could totally feel my mom through your words.”
— Ornella, San Francisco, CA