“In addition to the 25 years of traveling along my own path, I am passionate about assisting others to discover their Divine light within.”

From Meghan: 

I identify as a Starseed and have always felt that I belonged somewhere else besides planet Earth! For a long time I lived under the illusion that I was disconnected from Source. Although I knew in my heart of hearts I was a light-being on Earth, my life did not reflect my belief. This incongruence is what initially propelled me onto a healing path, one where I have created authentic self-love, self-acceptance and true emotional healing. It has been a process, for sure, and something that none of us is taught how to do for ourselves. Having made it through some intense experiences (created by my own thinking) I am deeply grateful for remaining vigilant in my conviction of “I AM connected”. Healing on the soul level has been an extraordinary endeavor and very self-affirming. This outcome now provides me a foundation of compassion and awareness, which I’m told by clients and friends, makes me a valued and trusted companion.

Although I found the Records after working with other modalities, I view my work with them as the pinnacle of my 25 years of what some may call “seeking”. I have witnessed the catalyzing effects of information acquired from a consultation by observing my clients post session. Clients who received information from their Record Keepers and engaged with it have connected to their desires and spawned new lives for themselves. Employing this level of service is inspiring to me and validates what is possible when working with a Divine source.

In “Earth school”, as we are, we get to experience both the challenging and soul-evolving emotions in addition to the wonderful and joyful aspects of life. Society can sometimes seem over invested in the image of the good times (as social media can attest) and no one is immune to the realities of learning their life’s lessons.

Before becoming a Records consultant I studied, experienced and practiced numerous modalities within the healing arts. My curiosity to understand “all things healing” brought me many places: as therapy client, an avid student of holistic modalities, a student of both traditional and transpersonal psychology, an energy work practitioner, an interfaith ministry student and life coach. Throughout, I have remained committed to bringing all of my experience, gifts and knowledge into a professional “delivery system” which, for me, is the Akashic Records.

Any of the potential healing methods that I have entertained could have become my calling and I am thrilled to have my seeking culminate as a consultant. Understanding other models of facilitating others helps me see the Akashic Records as the pure source that they are. I am grateful and humbled to be working with this Divine source of information.

Assisting others in revealing their light within is my “why” and my joy. I’m excited for you to be on your journey wherever you are. Remember to trust that voice inside, THAT is the voice that knows your truth!


  • Akashic Records - Master Healer

  • ‘The Book of Life’ - (aka The Destiny Cards)

  • Coach Education - CTI

  • Leadership Program - CTI

  • LifeLine Technique Practitioner (Dr. Darren Weissman)

  • Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Medicine - Intuitive Healer

  • Hippocrates Health Institute - Health Educator