LUCIA No3 is a lamp, neurostimulator, that combines a constant warm light with flickering white LED lights. The computer-controlled interaction activates different ways of experiencing ones own level of consciousness through shapes and colors. Through closed eyes, light enters the retina and stimulates the pineal gland; as a result it opens up creating an amazing experience of colors and shapes. The result is a “hypnagogic light experience”; hypnangogia is the state between wakefulness and sleep.

In the past the the use of caves and dark spaces were employed by the Egyptians, Mayan and Native American cultures. They understood the effect of bright light and its affect upon levels of consciousness. LUCIA No3, through its capabilities and intention, offers the same opportunity to awaken our human consciousness. Through this process of light gazing mystical states of bliss, deep peace and oneness with Spirit become more easily accessible.

The pineal gland is a pea sized, crystalline, pine cone shaped structure located at the center of the brain; the gland is also a light receptor. Believed to be the seat of the Soul and the bridge to higher consciousness, the pineal is often times calcified (or hardened) as a result of todays’ environmental toxicity. Fluorinated water, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, tobacco all contribute to the hardening of this transmitter making it an inefficient receiver of information.

DMT, a substance found in “ceremonial plant medicine”, and becoming increasingly popular in the name of healing, promotes an increased level of consciousness. DMT is naturally manufactured and released by the pineal gland when stimulated; it is an integral part of our dreams, birth experience, death, psychic and visionary experiences.

The application of bright light is believed to cause the release of DMT and awakens the pineal gland. A 4-year clinical study (The Spirit Molecule) proved that the release of DMT consistently produced NDE’s and profound, mystical, insightful and healing experiences under super lights. NDE’s (near death experiences) are the foundation of LUCIA’s coming into existence.

Dr. Engelbert Winkle, one of the 2 Austrian Doctors responsible for the invention of the LUCIA No3, had a near-death-experience as a child. That experience became the impetus for his work as a psychiatrist, child advocate and ultimately inventor. Dr. Dirk Proeckl, the second of the 2 inventors, contributed to the project through his knowledge as a neurosceintist and psychotherapist. The intent of Lucia No3 is to help in the raising of human consciousness. It has been found that most NDE experiences are preceeded by bright light and that NDE’s contribute to our understanding of our connection to a Divine source, God, the Universe, Source.

If you know anyone who has “traveled with the light”, you know that it is an experience not to be missed!

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