Different than tarot cards or a psychic reading, an Akashic Records consultation is guidance direct from your very own Guides.

As organisms, we are naturally seeking homeostasis in both our physical and emotional bodies. Generational patterns and unprocessed emotions that, overtime, have become oppressive, debilitating or burdensome can be cleared allowing you to reclaim personal fulfillment.

Sometimes getting 'lost' is a necessary part of understanding where we are. Einstein is famous for saying, “A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” The ego, represented though the mind, is not the best place from which to manifest. It is the heart, the part of us that is connected to our dreams, that will lead the way toward a fulfilling life. Healing unconscious thoughts and aligning with the heart is the cornerstone to making ones dreams come true.

Session offerings: 30-minute: good for general questions or as an introduction to what’s possible ($45); 45-minute: good for deeper questions, specific circumstances, laser healing ($70); 60-minute: great for more in-depth questions, energy healing and soul agreement activations ($115).

**An Akashic Records consultation is not intended as a substitute for professional counseling.**

Sessions available both long distance or in-person.







Your Records contain answers to every question you might have about your life experiences (past, present and future). By accessing this information you can discover truths about your relationships, physical well being, your souls’ journey and more.

In a session, areas addressed may include re-visiting and clearing significant emotional events, releasing family karmic patterns and/or requesting high frequency energies from Spirit to assist in healing on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

When your Records are accessed the information pertaining to your current life situations are highlighted. You are provided answers to your particular questions so that you can take appropriate action. Because this is all connected to the energy of Love and for your highest good, your Record keepers never tell you what to do and your free will is always in tact. The potential available from a session can be life-changing when the acquired information is applied, and the more often this guided information is accessed, the more you will learn and benefit.

Examples of client sessions and their outcomes: First, a 30 year-old woman possessing great academic achievements is at a crossroads. The information acquired from her session results in her ‘leaving it all behind’ and is now a healer in Peru. Second, a woman who has recently lost her mother seeks closure. At the end of the session, the client is relieved to have communicated herself and gratefully finds peace. Last, a young woman seeking a roommate has reservations about the only person that has responded. She feels that there is an under-lying power dynamic, at her expense, creating an unsustainable situation for a long-term living situation. Post session: the candidate in question is passed over and the ‘perfect’ roommate appears!