HEALING, HUMANITY AND THE HULA: The balance of masculine and feminine energies in today’s world.

When we look around in today's world we see examples of the the imbalance of the patriarchal energy. Domination, aggressiveness and ego-based thinking is what we expect, it’s how we operate. This is the lens through which we view ourselves, each other and the world. There is a polar opposite perspective, one that helps us find greater balance within ourselves: the feminine energy.

Each of us is being called to reconnect to and to express the qualities of openness, acceptance and compassion. This receptive nature is qualified as representing 'the feminine' and promotes the acceptance of ourselves and each other. Today, more and more, there is increased awareness and acceptance for healing our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

We see the feminine energy rising through the high profile  "Me too" movement regarding abuse of power in the entertainment industry. What was once buried is now coming to the surface to be healed. This is happening within all of humanity and offers the invitation for us to look at what longs to be addressed within ourselves.

Bringing the masculine and feminine energies into balance is not all about conflict and retribution. In one of the most well-known environments of aggression and intimidation, feminine energy is being introduced in the name of healing. San Quentin Prison, of all places, now offers the hula to inmates. Healing within the prison system seem impossible; however, the hula is successfully being used as a tool to help inmates/dancers get in touch with something new and freeing while being incarcerated. Reportedly, it is very powerful.

Initially, the hula was performed by men, who were designated as ceremonial temple dancers (at the time women were not allowed.) Traditionally, warriors were also known to have danced and chanted while defeating their enemies.

"Indigenous prophecies, particularly from the Hopi and Maori say that women (the feminine energy) will be restored to their place as original healers during this time, and that women will lead the way into a higher consciousness, " states Larry Merculieff of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership. "The role of men is to protect the sacred space of women so they can do their work."

I am encouraged by the idea that the indigenous traditions might lead us into understanding the role of both the masculine and feminine energies.  I feel encouraged that the cultures previously given a back seat may re-ignite our reverence for the feminine. Let's hope.